8 Best Night Clubs in LA to Enjoy the nightlife hanging out with Friends

If you’re traveling alone or just hanging out with some friends, the nightlife in Los Angeles is something that you must explore and experience. The City of Angeles is a house of several renowned bars and clubs. If you are new in the area, here we share the list of the best Night Clubs in Los Angeles. 

1. Hyde Sunset- Perfect place to hang out with friends late at night

Located at the West Hollywood border, Hyde Sunset is one of the best nightclubs and remains busiest during the weekend. It is added to the A list as it is trendy and with an amazing restaurant. The cocktail lounge starts late at night when the young people love to hang out with their friends. 

2. Delilah- Reminds you of Hollywood Golden Era

Located at Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, Delilah is a favored choice. This 1920s-style lounge is a stunning hangout for celebs that will remind you of Hollywood’s Golden Era. It is a nightclub as well as a restaurant. You’ll wish to come for the people watching, so expect to see A-listers any day. Here, the customers can enjoy the most delicious food items. 

3. Poppy-Recline in the lavishly furnished labyrinth 

Poppy is known as a notion that speaks about a fantasy realm occupied by a huge cast of characters belonging to a storybook. Guests are moved into a surrealistic dream, where they will meet a whimsical bohemian cast of contemporary mermaids, peacock poppies, baroque decor layers, garden gypsies, and human creatures. 

Here, the guests can dance, socialize, or recline in the lavishly furnished labyrinth of indoor rooms and outdoor areas as swinging storytellers shows visual entertainment against a musical milieu of energetic hip-hop anthems.

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4. Elevate Lunge- pleases with amazing panoramic view

Based on the sanitary Hollywood Hills in the setting to the Downtown LA skyline in the front, Elevate Lunge gives an amazing panorama view. Guests may dip themselves in a true big-city metropolis dancing practice with the choice of taking open-air pauses to enjoy the environs. It has just a clean and flawless design highly complimented by the guests. 

5. Bootsy Bellows- Displays a vintage Hollywood sheen

It is added to the list of the posh celebrity spot with a fashionable era vibe. It is popular for the multimillion-dollar renovation that happened in the year 2019. The locale exudes a vintage Hollywood sheen with a rose-pink tone, lively green highlights shown by the collection of sparkling chandeliers, and real house plants, viewed through showing the bar. 

6. The Slipper Clutch- a throwback to the classics

If you love simple things, then The Slipper Clutch is the best nightclub in LA for you. Perfectly crafted, the open room concept includes a few pinball machines and walkway games. These give a throwback to the classics on the eating circuit like vodka cranberry, bourbon, gin, tonic, and classic root beer for non-alcoholic friends.

7. Boulevard3- known for a fun club experience 

It is one of the hottest Hollywood nightclubs and has a special dance venue. It promises for fun club experience, complete with stage performers and dancers. The drinks are more costly here, but Boulevard3 creates by providing free tacos and chocolate-dipped strawberries. 

If you get tired of dancing with the high-energy crowd, head outside to their outdoor yard for a breather and enjoy your free snacks at the reflecting pool. It is considered an amazing party spot for young, hot individuals. 

8. Playhouse- Proper Vegas Style Nightclub

Playhouse is a Vegas-style nightclub, so you know you will have a wild night here. The Hollywood nightclub plays different genres of music, and according to timings, you may see go-go dancers, acrobats, or ribbon dancers, all for the entertainment. 

No matter what kind of Los Angeles nightlife venue or atmosphere you search for, The City of Angels promises to give some unique and enjoyable with the best nightclubs. Make sure you select the right destination that offers services per your requirements.