DJ Kay Slay: A Musical Maestro and His Immortal Beat in the Face of COVID-19

DJ Kay Slay, born Keith Grayson on August 14, 1966, was an iconic figure in the world of hip-hop. Hailing from the vibrant city of New York, he carved out a legendary career as a highly acclaimed disc jockey (DJ) and music producer. Often referred to as “Hip Hop’s One-Man Ministry of Insults” by The New York Times, DJ Kay Slay gained immense respect and recognition for his significant contributions to the genre. Throughout his illustrious journey, he released several studio albums, including The Streetsweeper, Vol. 1, The Streetsweeper, Vol. 2, The Champions: North Meets South (with Greg Street), and More Than Just a DJ. His undeniable talent and unparalleled dedication to hip-hop left an indelible mark on the industry, making him a true legend. Tragically, he passed away on April 17, 2022, at the age of 55, succumbing to the ravages of COVID-19. Despite his untimely departure, DJ Kay Slay’s legacy continues to inspire and influence aspiring artists and music enthusiasts, ensuring that his impact remains timeless and everlasting.

DJ Kay slay wife and Girlfriend

DJ Key Slay’s former romantic partner’s name is Buffie Carruth, a multifaceted American personality—a model, actress, fitness mentor, and dancer—whose presence has graced the media sphere for nearly two decades. The camaraderie between Buffie Carruth and DJ Kay Slay endured for a number of years, marked by enjoyable moments.

Regrettably, their relationship encountered a fracture, leading Buffie Carruth down a different path that culminated in her marriage to John Lewis in 2015. Their courtship, set in the mid-2000s, ultimately succumbed to the trials of time.

Born on January 7, 1977, in Athens, Georgia, United States, Buffie Carruth now stands at the age of 45. Not only is she a notable figure in various domains, but Buffie Carruth is also an accomplished author with works like “Vixen Icon” and “Get Your Mind Right: A Step-By-Step Exploration of the Modeling Career of Buffie the Body” under her literary belt.

What was DJ KaySlay’s Net Worth?

DJ KaySlay, the esteemed American DJ, amassed a net worth of $4 million. Sadly, he passed away on April 17, 2022, at the age of 55, after confronting a formidable battle with COVID-19.

DJ Kay Slay Cause of Death

Sad news echoes in the realm of music—DJ Kay Slay, the seasoned Hot 97 disc jockey and record mogul christened as Keith Grayson, has succumbed to the clutches of COVID-19 following a strenuous four-month battle.

The metropolitan airwaves have lost a maestro. Aged reportedly at 55, the news of DJ Kay Slay’s departure was somberly confirmed by the esteemed New York City radio station, Hot 97—a platform where Slay lent his expertise for well over two decades. The heartfelt affirmation was twofold, emanating from both Hot 97 and the DJ’s bereaved kin.

In somber prose, the communique from Hot 97 unfurled: “Hot 97 stands in disbelief, grappling with the profound loss of our cherished DJ Kay Slay. The tapestry of memories woven during the two-decade tenure he devoted to the ‘Drama Hour’ remains etched in our hearts. Kay Slay, an emblem of culture, transcended the bounds of a mere DJ. Within our fold, he was kin and an indispensable pillar that elevated Hot 97 to its present station of triumph. Our condolences traverse oceans, reaching his family, comrades, and admirers globally as we eternally celebrate The Drama King’s indelible mark.”

The Grayson clan, too, issued a poignant declaration, acknowledging the irreplaceable void left by DJ Kay Slay’s passing. Their words began, “The fibre of our hearts rends as we grapple with the departure of Keith Grayson, known professionally as DJ Kay Slay. An eminent figure within Hip Hop’s cultural tapestry, commanding a multitude of followers worldwide, DJ Kay Slay will eternally reside in memory for his fervor and virtuosity, leaving a legacy that defies the constraints of time. In honor of DJ Kay Slay, our kinfolk extend gratitude to all his well-wishers, devotees, and advocates for their supplications and kind thoughts in these trying moments. We beseech you to honor our privacy as we navigate the profound grief borne from this tragic loss.”

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