Who Is The Next Heir in Line to take the throne of England After Queen Elizabeth II?

Elizabeth reigned as Queen for over 70 years in the United Kingdom which is seven years longer than the previous longest-reigning monarch, Queen Victoria. She was Elizabeth’s great-great-grandmother. Elizabeth accepted the throne in 1952, after her father’s death, King George VI.

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the crown has been immediately passed on to her eldest son and heir, Charles, following the United Kingdom’s constitutional monarchy system.

Elizabeth’s son, Charles, became king just after Elizabeth II passed away and he us now King Charles III.

What is the Succession of the Crown Act of 2013?

The contemporary determination for the Succession of the United Kingdom’s throne arrived from the Succession to the Crown Act of 2013. It ended the system in which the son of a monarch holds precedence over a daughter in the line of succession. Now the eldest child (or the person next in line to the throne) will be the monarch, regardless of their gender. The new rule is applicable on to the children born after Oct. 28, 2011. The Act also declares the rule that if an heir marries a Roman Catholic, they would be barred from the line of Succession.

Here is the series of a would-be heirs in line for the throne:

Elizabeth’s eldest son, Charles, 73, formerly the Prince of Wales. He immediately became the King of England so his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is now the Queen Consort. This was requested by Elizabeth at her royal jubilee in February.

Prince William

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge is the next in line after King Charles III who is the elder son of Charles and his first wife, Diana, Princess of Wales, died in 1997 in a car crash.

Prince George

After William is the turn of his eldest child, Prince George of Cambridge. He is 9 years old. George’s mother is William’s wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince Louis and Princess charlotte

After George, the less likely heirs to the United Kingdom are George’s younger siblings, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis of Cambridge.

Prince Harry

He leads a new life in California, as the Duke of Sussex. But he is still fifth in line to thrive his father.

Prince Archie

The oldest of Harry and Meghan’s children was born in London.

Prince Andrew

The Duke of York was stripped of royal duties after settling the Virginia Giuffre lawsuit. However, he is still in the official line of Succession.

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