5 Top music promotion sites for aspiring artists

Promotion is essential when it comes to artists and their talents being recognized by the worldwide audience, so here are the Top music promotion sites to use.

To get famous in this vast music industry, talent and quality music is not enough. It is all about letting the world know that you possess the talent and you have some quality musical tracks to offer. This is called promotion and advertising which have become the most essential parts of an artist’s success. Without recognition many talents have gone to waste so new, aspiring artists need to know how to navigate in this industry. So here are  5 Top music promotion site that can prove to be effective in their road to success.

  1. Unique Playlists

This is one of the most popular independent music creators that artists, especially the new ones would love to promote their music to get immediate recognition. The music industry professionals with years of experience have come together to curate this service. The service gives the users access to some of the most popular playlists of different genres like chill, pop, rock, etc. Additionally, the service can be found on different platforms such as Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. Submitting tracks and using the website is pretty simple, the artists just need to submit their desired tracks through the website and get started on the marketing.

  1. Music Promotion Club

Another reliable name in the industry of promoting music is the Music Promotion Club which works with artists on SoundCloud. With the company’s effective strategies, artists can get organic SoundCloud exposure and gain more streams, likes, and followers authentically. With the help of content marketing and social media marketing, Music Promotion Club advertises aspiring artists and helps them reach new pools of audiences at an affordable price range that is not too hefty in their pockets. The artists can also create custom packages based on their specific promotional needs and achieve the desired results almost immediately. For people who are just starting in the industry, the Music Promotion Club is the perfect way to kick-start their careers in the industry.

  1. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is one of the hottest music advertising services that gives added music distribution services along with other benefits. The platform provides a free plan where artists can create their profiles, upload unlimited songs, and do player embedding and social marketing at the same time. ReverbNation also provides artists opportunities to market their music via Pitchfork, Spotify ads, and more, giving listeners and fans a space to catch up on the latest tracks. The subscription model has different layers but the basic model offers promotions for music by sending them to different outlets.

  1. IndieMono

This is an indie music promotion service that offers online music promotion services free of cost. With over 100 active playlists on different music genres and subgenres, the platform has been around for quite some time and its experienced promotional strategies help artists gain instant recognition. Artists can do online new music subscriptions for free at first. Then the approval rate comes along which too is affordable, even for new artists without any record label. This proves to be a good option for especially up-and-coming artists but it is advised not to base the entire promotional campaign on this.

  1. One Submit

One of the leading music promotion sites out there, this platform was built by music artists with the aim of providing fast and efficient service to newbies out there. One Submit allows artists to send their music and playlists to record labels, radio stations, Spotify playlists, YouTube music channels, bloggers, and even TikTok influencers. With more than 1,500 online radio stations, Spotify playlists, bloggers, and YouTube channels registered on the platform it has become really easy for new and aspiring artists to use this and promote their desired tracks online. Each submitted song will be reviewed by the curator and if it is approved, it will be added to the YouTube channels, playlists, or blogs for promotions.

Now that you have gotten the list of the best music promotional websites, it is time to advertise the quality music track that you are releasing and promote it in the right way to reach the right audiences.