America’s Got Talent Season 17 Got Its Newest Winner!

After months of hustle and bustle from the contestants and some well-founded fears, America’s Got Talent season 17 has got its new champion. The talent quest of world’s best talent hunt show reached its climax Wednesday night on September 14 after a round of final, live performances.

When the votes were counted, the most deserving candidate which can only be the winner: Mayyas. This Lebanese all female alternative dance group became winner after giving a breath-taking performance. They collected $1 million as prize money, and the chance to headline a residency at the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The Lebanese all-female group was founded by the Lebanese choreographer Nadim Cherfan.

The Mayyas from the first day caught America’s attention during their show-stopping audition. The performance prompted Judge Sofía Vergara to press her Golden Buzzer.

Throughout the live shows, the group presented some of the hypnotizing dance routine that associated judge and executive producer Simon Cowell prophesied would “change the world.”

This talented group of dancers emerged as victorious, beating out a final group of

  • saxophonist Avery Dixon;
  • country trio Chapel Hart;
  • teen Polish singer Sara James;
  • AI act Metaphysic;

Australian pole dancer Kristy Sellars,

Kristy finished America’s got talent season 17 as runner-up.

The finale was an event of all-star affairs, started with a performance from Black Eyed Peas, and featuring prominent collaborators.

Every moment of this experience was really memorable, from the Golden Buzzer to the semi-finals to now the finals for judges, audiences and now for the world.

For their final performance Tuesday night before America voted, Mayyas captivated everyone in the room, and preparing to return home, with a confidence of giving an exotic and flawless performance.

Their dedicated efforts resulted in a commendable victory, appreciated by talent lovers worldwide.