BTS JIN Won Individual FAN N STAR CHOICE Award- First TMA Award!

Who is not aware of JIN? BTS’ Jin is a South Korean singer and songwriter and a heartthrob of youngsters. The eldest member of the group made his debut as a part of BTS in 2013. Jin became the first K-pop artist to brag the title of ‘Worldwide Record Maker’ last year. With his consistent work and dedication to music, he has achieved a special place in the hearts of immense music lovers across the world. He is also one the most successful musicians of all time on the Billboard Chart.

And today he is celebrating his win at TMA Awards 2022 as he got his first one. BTS Jin is the winner of the Individual FAN N STAR CHOICE Award.

Here begins the celebration:

Lots of love and CONGRATULATIONS to the amazing singer and a true legend in pop music!