Chris Hemsworth Announces A Long Break Due To Illness Amid Extraction 2 Trailer Release!

Chris Hemsworth, a Hollywood celebrity, is reportedly slowing down but is not considering an early retirement after finding that he has a “high chance” of developing Alzheimer’s as he gets older.

While filming his National Geographic and Disney+ docuseries “Limitless,” the “Thor” actor, 39, learned that he might be susceptible to the degenerative disease in later life. According to sources, he is not considering an early retirement for health reasons, even though he plans to monitor his Hollywood workload.

He “doesn’t plan to take on many roles because of (knowing about his high risk of) Alzheimer’s,” an insider told after he finishes four upcoming projects. This include reinterpreting his Thor role in a forthcoming ‘Avengers’ sequel, and a part in an unnamed biopic of wrestling icon Hulk Hogan.

Due to his Alzheimer’s warning, the actor has stated to Vanity Fair that he is “not talking about retiring by any means.”

“If you look at Alzheimer’s prevention, the benefit of preventative steps is that it influences the rest of your life,” Chris Hemsworth stated. The actor, though, is already committed to other projects, such as an untitled Hulk Hogan biopic. In the Avengers 2 sequel, he will return in several other roles in addition to his Thor part. He does not intend to take on many tasks after knowing about his high risk for Alzheimer’s, a close insider said.

After completing all his professional assignments, it appears that the actor wants to take a break and spend time with his three daughters and partner, Elsa Pataky.

Extraction 2: The First Trailer for Chris Hemsworth’s Action Sequel on Netflix 

Extraction 2, which arrives on the streaming service in June, has finally been released.

Black operations mercenary Tyler Rake (Hemsworth), who was left in a rather dire situation in Extraction, is brought back in the new film. Rake’s survival to continue fighting was revealed in September 2021.

That time has come, and Rake is now tasked with another treacherous mission: freeing the imprisoned family of a brutal Georgian criminal.

First Trailer for Extraction 2 Below:

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