How To Promote Spotify Music: 10 Guaranteed Ways To Become Viral

Spotify is the most popular and biggest music streaming platform, every artist should promote spotify music. Doing it the right way can increase reach.

As an emerging artist, promoting your music on Spotify might seem challenging but it is really, really important. Spotify is the biggest audio streaming platform on the internet with over 602 million active monthly users. This gives a huge chance to reach a wider audience pool for artists, especially those who are new to the industry. This rule applies not only to new and emerging artists but also to those who haven’t had their big break or chance yet. Getting famous on Spotify can open many doors for artists in the industry, making them viral on social media, and building a loyal fan base.

Sometimes chances of being viral come naturally, but most of the time artists have to take a different route, a more effective route to make their music reach listeners. This includes organic promotion on the platform, which if done the right way can get anyone the biggest reach of their lives yet. So how do you promote spotify music? Let’s find out!

  1. Spotify For Artists

The starting point of any promotion on the audio streaming platform should always be Spotify For Artists. This serves as your Spotify artist homepage which you can edit and smarten up every now and then. You can keep it interesting and fresh by regularly updating the profile which should always include a high-resolution picture of yourself, a captivating bio, and a photo gallery. This is the place where the fans and your listeners can know and read about you. This is also where they can easily access your playlists and uploaded music, and stay updated about your live performances, and shows. Therefore, keeping your Spotify For Artists interesting and fresh can completely change your game, and build your fan base quickly.

  1. Pitch music to Spotify playlists

Playlisting is probably the newest and most effective promotional idea that runs the world of Spotify, hence music. So what is playlisting on Spotify? Well, it is the process of adding your music to popular playlists, leading you to reach more and more listeners, using the platform’s algorithm. So the first priority after releasing your track on Spotify should be pitching for playlists. You can pitch your songs to big playlists on the platform, such as user-generated playlists, editorial playlists, collaborative playlists, and algorithmic playlists. At the same time, you can also create your own playlists. These, especially the editorial and algorithmic playlists will give your music exposure, helping it reach a much wider audience pool who are active on the platform and looking for music of their choice and taste.

  1. Collaborations

Doing collaborations is the oldest trick to get famous! The same trick works for Spotify as well. You can take a collaborative approach with other Spotify artists, asking them for a duet. This will give you both access to each other’s audiences while increasing your own. Don’t be shy and message them with any ideas you have. Consider choosing artists in your genre, or someone you admire. It is easier to work with a person who belongs to the same ambiance, or someone who you have been following for a long time.

  1. The power of social media

Today we are all living in a digital world where social media holds the biggest power. Even businesses are on the ground promoting their products and services on various social media platforms, so why musicians? There is no doubt that having a strong social media presence will help you in the game so utilize your presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. On the other hand, having a presence on social media as a musician will bring you closer to your fans, building a stronger connection. You can also share your music release news, promote it, and interact with your fans on various social media platforms. At the same time, use the existing network. If you have any other musician friends, ask them to post you on their handles, and give a shout-out to your new music.

Other than this, Spotify offers a ton of promotional tactics on its own, especially for artists who are looking for their breakthrough. However, make sure to always keep track of your Spotify Analytics for analysis and understanding.

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