The Jonas Brothers’ Album ‘Little Bird’- Nothing But a Sweet Rhyme!

The sixth studio album from The Jonas Brothers is out, and all 12 of the songs have the audience in tears. Here is all the information you need to know about “Little Bird,” the song that parents have dedicated to their children.

No song on “The Album” is sweeter than the concluding track, “Little Bird,” which was written by Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas as a love letter to their wives and daughter.

The band’s most recent album was released on May 12, but the tender song has already quickly gained a following among fans. Once you read the words, you will see why!

Continue reading to learn more about “Little Bird’s lyrics, the reasons why it has people swooning, and what the artists have said about the song.

“Little Bird” Jonas Brothers’ Album Review

When fans learned that The Jonas Brothers’ “Little Bird” was written about their own kids, the song rapidly won over the masses.

The song’s opening line, “Came in the world, my baby girl / Beautiful angel / Oh, I could cry, got your mother’s kind eyes,” eloquently conveys that it is both a tribute to the band members’ wives and an adoration to their children.

We all know that the three of them are family men; Joe married Sophie Turner in 2019 and the two of them have two daughters; Nick married Priyanka Chopra in 2018 and they have a daughter, and Kevin wed Danielle Jonas in 2009 and they have two daughters as well.

The lullaby-like music in which the brothers talk about being fathers breaks our hearts!

With the Jonas brothers all having become fathers, “Little Bird” is a beautiful ode to dancing with a daughter and the delight of holding “tiny hands” in your own. They croon, “Nights like this will happen less and less, and you’ll fly into somebody else’s arms, if I’m doing my job right. Awww. The sing-along twang of “Walls” brings the record to a close.