United Kingdom and Not UKRAINE, To Host “Eurovision Song Contest 2023”

The United Kingdom declared on Monday, 25 July, to be hosting the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest instead of Ukraine, despite the fact that latter was a winner of competition in 2022.

It was the Russian invasion of Ukraine that forced the European Broadcasting Union to look at other potential host countries, as per the reports.

Many cities have put their names to host the competition including London, Manchester and Sheffield. These claimed to be suitable due to their suitable arenas, accommodation and international transport links.

“We are grateful to our BBC partners for showing solidarity with us,” said Mykola Chernotytskyi, head of Ukraine’s public broadcasting.

The authorized bidding process is scheduled to start this week with the final decision will be coming later in the summer.

As per a spokesperson for the BBC, “The Eurovision Song Contest is a co-production of the host broadcaster and participating members of the European Broadcasting Union”.

A number of funding options can be explored to contribute toward delivering a fantastic event and great value for license fee payers. As of now, there is no official date for the competition, but the Grand Finale is to be held in May.

Ukraine is set to qualify for the finale already along with the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain and France.

Chernotytskyi (head of Ukraine’s public broadcasting) also assured the fans that even though the song competition will not be held in Ukraine, it will be “in support of Ukraine.”