‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ – A Light-Handed Delivery of the Cult Classic

Taylor Swift, the hardest working woman in music, is making waves once again with the re-release of her multi-million-selling album, “Speak Now”. This release is part of Swift’s ongoing mission to regain control of her master recordings by re-recording her entire back catalog from scratch. And that’s not all—Swift has been juggling a plethora of creative ventures, including the Eras Tour, the Midnights album, and numerous other projects.

This ambitious endeavor has inspired other artists to follow suit, albeit on a smaller scale. With Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), Swift takes a gentle approach. The songs retain their original essence but are viewed through a more mature lens. Die-hard Swifties will likely detect subtle differences in enunciation, production, and performance.

The tracks are warm and rich, and Swift’s voice captures a new tone while remaining faithful to the original works. In songs like “Mean,” the vocal harmonies are delivered with a softer touch.

“The Story of Us” retains its energy but now carries a touch of indie rock personality. Again, the differences may be nuanced, but those who had the album on repeat during its initial release will surely notice the changes.

“Never Grow Up” hits especially hard, sounding like a track straight out of the folklore era. Swift’s growth as a vocalist over the years is unmistakable.

On “Better Than Revenge,” there’s a slight lyrical tweak: “He was a moth to the flame, she was holding the matches.”

The real excitement begins with the “From the Vault” section of the album, where Swift enlists the help of some friends for the rare and previously unreleased tracks.

Taylor Swift speak now

Fall Out Boy joins in on “Electric Touch,” while Hayley Williams of Paramore features on “Castles Crumbling.” On the former, Patrick Stump delivers a sincere and powerful vocal performance, harmonizing skillfully with Swift. Fans shouldn’t expect the track to be transformed into an emo anthem. Instead, the band presents a song that fits seamlessly within the Speak Now aesthetic.

There is no shock in featuring both pop-punk heroes in the album. Taylor Swift has mentioned many times that both artists served as inspirations during the time she was creating Speak Now. Williams delivers an impassioned vocal performance on “Castles Crumbling.”

Having previously performed together and now being tour mates, this marks their first appearance together on record, and the results are truly magnificent. The song is beautifully understated, providing ample space for both vocalists to shine.

The bluesy indie rocker “I Can See You” offers a delightful change of pace. It’s a danceable mid-tempo jam with fuzz-tone guitars that add an extra layer to the music.

The closing duo of ballads, “Foolish One” and “Timeless,” perfectly capture the sincere honesty that defined Swift as an artist during that phase of her career.


Improving upon an album that is nearly perfect is a daunting task. Speak Now is a cherished record among Taylor Swift fans, having captured lightning in a bottle. This new version isn’t about reinventing the wheel; rather, it is a heartfelt tribute to the original work. And, of course, having ownership of those master recordings is a victory in itself—a sweeter triumph than seeking revenge.

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