SZA’s Provocative Robot Lap Dance in “Snooze” Music Video Revealed in Steamy Behind-the-Scenes Clips

In the midst of her recent flurry of tantalizing posts and sneak peeks, SZA took a break from the sensuality to share a lighthearted moment, showcasing her playful side by flaunting a faux moustache.

During the early days of summer, whispers of a potential romantic entanglement between SZA and Travis Scott began circulating. The duo has a history of musical collaboration, with their most recent joint venture being “TELEKINESIS,” and their appearances in the “K-POP” music video leading up to Travis Scott’s UTOPIA album. However, no official confirmation of a romantic relationship has emerged. Over the weekend, Scott was photographed in Ibiza alongside Tianna Lynnm and a group of friends, suggesting he’s still embracing the single life.

In the wake of these rumors, fans have observed an undeniable rise in the temperature of SZA’s Instagram feed. On a sunny Saturday afternoon (August 12), she treated her followers to a glimpse behind the scenes of her upcoming “Snooze” music video. Accompanied by an unreleased track, the video showcases SZA channeling her inner seductress, displaying mesmerizing dance moves with a minimalist outfit that leaves little to the imagination. In the comments section, fellow artist Flo Milli enthusiastically showered her with compliments, exclaiming, “Whew, sex appeal on 1000 😮‍💨😍😍😍.”


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The reaction to SZA’s initial post was nothing short of explosive, leaving jaws dropped and the internet buzzing. And SZA wasn’t content with just that—she continued to keep her fans intrigued. In another brief video, captioned with “Sharing ideas cause therapy. (More snooze bts),” she engages in an intimate interaction with an enigmatic figure amidst a flurry of camera flashes.

While a specific release date for the “Snooze” music video remains unconfirmed, speculation abounds in the comments, suggesting the possibility of a deluxe version of SOS in the pipeline. To add a dash of humor after showcasing her famous Brazilian butt lift, SZA wrapped up her posting spree with a mirror selfie that playfully sparked comparisons to Steve Harvey.

For fans eagerly anticipating the full visual experience of “Snooze,” more behind-the-scenes content awaits. Scroll further to uncover additional glimpses from the set of the music video, along with a whimsical selfie featuring SZA’s comical moustache. Are you counting down to the video’s release? Share your excitement in the comments, and stay tuned for further updates on hip-hop and pop culture news.