6 reasons to bake your fried food in the oven

Frying is one culinary technique that can cause both discomfort and pleasure for the user. This means that we are not only able to taste the fried food, but also how guilty and regular we feel about eating them.

Here we are, with scientists from all over the globe filling blackboards with equations to find healthier ways to fry without oil and eat fried foods more healthily.

It was worth it as they discovered healthier options for frying foods, and also verified that the crispy and delicious result could be achieved in the oven. You may be also interested to know How to Make Tomato Sauce From Cherry Tomatoes?

To make fried food, why use the oven?

Although we give you reasons, your actual success with the proposal will depend on how you practice. The technique is different whether you fry with very little oil or in the oven. However, this is one of those rare cases where the end is more important than the means.


Healthier cooking

Olive oil is full of many properties. Yes. However, the oil must be savored in moderation just like other foods. Additionally, oil can be heated up to high temperatures during frying and the oil is not as good. Consuming fried foods can increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Additionally, the salt added to fried products is often higher than what you would add at home. A fine cocktail, come on. You can cook with less oil at home and in the oven, but it won’t compromise the taste and crispiness of your potatoes, wings, and nuggets.


Oil is less expensive

You will use less oil in the oven tray than you would in a deep fryer or frying pan. You will also save money, so you can cook with cleaner oil every time.


Original flavor with less oil

Even though it can be perfectly fried or cooked with other vegetable oil, we often forget to mention it. Sometimes, the great taste of olive oil can overshadow the flavor of other foods. For a crispy texture, you can cook potatoes in less oil or no oil. This will make them taste more like potatoes than olive oil.


Greater security

All appliances are more prepared and focused on safety for the kitchen. The development of home technology is centered on preventing and minimizing accidents, with a special focus on the small ones.

Boiling oil is the most dangerous and causes the most domestic accidents. It is not that an oven doesn’t burn because it can reach very high temperatures. However, it seems easier to manage the enclosed space of an oven than the location of oil in a pan. For example, most oven doors are equipped with multiple glass panels. Sometimes, up to 4 to ensure that no one accidentally gets burned.


There are fewer stains

There are no spillages on the plate, droplets on countertops, or pans. Cleaning the fryer is not easy, as it is difficult to keep clean of grease and another residue. You will find it much easier to clean the oven and tray, especially if they have a self-cleaning system.


Uniform finishing for all types of food

The functions of a fryer or frying pan make it easier to control the temperature of the oil. It is very common to end up with food that’s too hot or too cooked on the outside, but not on the inside.

Many ovens can heat both above and below but also distribute heat throughout the space so that food is cooked evenly. You don’t have to worry about how to turn the nuggets. You can also make fried foods in an oven tray.