What Does Your Hair Communicate About Your Health?

The best hair specialists in Mumbai have researched the connection between hair and the health of an individual. To the utmost surprise, they have found many associations between the two. It is utterly not wrong to conclude that our hair strands do speak a lot about the overall health of our body. Twenty-first-century people are struggling with multiple hair problems, but the fact here is that each problem is also depicting another deficiency of your body.

Yeah, people very well flaunt baldness as a style statement today but they must be aware whether the baldness is their choice or a result of a deficiency of their body. This read will help you know what message your hair strands send about your health.

Itchy scalp

In case you have an itchy scalp then you must know that your body is short of zinc. Our scalp and body need various vitamins, nutrients, and of course a healthy diet. If our body is full of zinc then fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in our body will be processed in a better way, which are the fundamentals of healthy locks. Thus, in case you are having an itchy scalp then you must intake food that contains more zinc.


Many of us are bothered by dandruff. It is a great obstacle in wearing the outshining black. But, not many of us are aware that dandruff is an indicator of poor diet. Only if we are consuming bad fats, dairy products, sweets, and chocolates more on a daily basis then only we will experience dandruff. So, we can assess that the key to a dandruff-free scalp is consuming a healthy diet.


Most people with long hair witness this issue. The split ends are an irritating condition where you cannot flaunt your long voluminous hair, or else they will reflect that your body is dehydrated. Yes, split ends on your shaft indicate that you are not intaking enough of water on a daily basis. You will be surprised to know that almost 30% of our hair strand constitutes water. Thus, staying hydrated can always guarantee us not only healthy hair but an overall healthy body.

Grey hair

Grey hair is home to countless problems. One, it will impact your looks, two it will affect you psychologically and lastly, it will persuade you to use chemical-laced colors. Grey hair is caused when your body is short of Vitamin B12. Though greying hair is hardly reversed. Thus, make sure you are eating food with enough B12 Vitamin only to avoid grey hair and other diseases.

Dry or fizzy hair

This is another very common hair problem. If you are dealing with the same, chances are there that you are experiencing hormonal changes. Hormonal changes can be post-pregnancy, at the time of adulthood, etc. However dry or fizzy hair can always be treated by regular oiling. Oiling and massage have their own benefits for hair.

Iron deficiency

When your body is deficient in iron then also you can experience hair loss. Our blood cells contain a protein named Ferritin which is full of iron. Your hair’s anagen or growing phase can be reduced if your blood cells do not have enough of this protein.

Thyroid issue

We all desire luscious hair but not all get the same. In case your locks are becoming thinner and less voluminous, then you must check your thyroid levels. People suffering from this disease/kind of imbalance are ought to lose hair.

Stress levels

If you are facing severe hair loss and you are not able to ascertain the reason, then there is a high chance that your stress levels are higher than usual. Needless to mention stress is the home of countless issues, hair loss being one. Thus, for leading a healthy life and flaunting healthy locks, it is important to lead a stress-free life.

Now, that you have understood the above signs of an unhealthy body indicated by unhealthy hair, you must ensure that you are taking a proper diet and leading a healthy lifestyle just to ensure not just good locks but a good body. For doing so you need not visit the best hair specialists in Mumbai. All that you have to do is to include proper nutrients, minerals, and proteins in your meals. Also, avoid too much styling and coloring. When you will be living a stress-free life, then also you are leading towards long, lustrous, and voluminous hair.

Our hair experiences good and terrible days, just like our moods do. So it’s time to look a little closer if you’ve seen alterations in your tresses that seem unusual or persistent. After all, we can see inside our bodies through our hair. Hope this read helped you know how your hair can send a message about your health. Make sure you are not ignoring this message and taking the required action on time.