Another Earthquake In Turkey Brings New Losses, Trapping People Under Rubble!

Rescuers are not on halt as they have to go on rescuing people again in turkey after fresh earthquake tremors the district. More trauma and loss are experienced by people on Tuesday after another deadly Earthquake In Turkey as well as aftershocks rocked the region.

The 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Monday evening which had its epicenter in the Antakya, Turkey.  On Feb. 6 magnitude 7.8 quake killed nearly 46,000 people in the two countries.

Turkey’s disaster management authority, AFAD, after new Earthquake In Turkey claimed of six people died due to the earthquake and injured 294 others, including 18 who were in critical condition.

This time the earthquake was felt in Cyprus, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, and Egypt. A dozen of aftershocks were felt after the earthquake of magnitude 5.8 tremors this place. About 190 people suffered injuries in rebel-held areas, said the White Helmets, northwest Syria’s civil defense organization. However, several flimsy buildings collapsed but there were no reports of anyone entombed under the debris.

Aftershocks and the uncertainty of the structure make the rescue efforts even more critical, and it took several hours for search crews to find the bodies, the Turkish news agency DHA said.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan visits the southern province of Osmaniye. He also promised to take account of anyone responsible for low quality construction leading to the deaths in the initial earthquake a fortnight ago.