British Iconic Rock Guitarist Jeff Beck Died At 78!

Jeff Beck is one of the most influential guitarists. Call him a “guitar god” a Legend guitarist or a “guitarist’s guitarist,” but he was in a class by himself. He has been counted as one of the most acclaimed guitarists in rock and roll history.

Jeff Beck died on Tuesday at the age of 78 after contracting bacterial meningitis, according to a statement released by a publicist on behalf of his family.

Beck was a virtuoso who could play rock, jazz, blues, soul, and everything else that caught his ear. He had a belief about playing the guitar — at least the way he played it —is as versatile an instrument as the human voice could be.

After being born in Wallington, England in 1944 he enamoured himself with the guitar as a child. His first prominent presence was seen playing in The Yardbirds – where he replaced Eric Clapton and joined Jimmy Page. However, he left the band shortly after and created his group, The Jeff Beck Group (along with a singer named Rod Stewart who was little-known at that time.

The band with grief wrote about his dedication “Jeff’s incredible musicianship and passion for guitar have been an inspiration to us all,”. “He was a true innovator and his legacy will live on through his music. Rest in peace, Jeff.”

Here is the list of his top 10 iconic moments from Beck’s career.

The Yardbirds, “Stroll On” (1966)
Jeff Beck, “Hi Ho Silver Lining”/ ”Beck’s Bolero” (1967)
Jeff Beck, “I Ain’t Superstitious” (1968)
The Jeff Beck Group, “Situation” (1971)
Stevie Wonder, “Lookin’ for Another Pure Love” (1972)
Beck, Bogert & Appice, “Superstition” (1973)
Jeff Beck, “She’s a Woman” (1975)
Jeff Beck, “Star Cycle” (1980)
Kate Bush, “You’re the One” (1993)
Jeff Beck and the Big Town Playboys, “Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me” (1993)

May his soul Rest In Peace!