Cardi B’s Mic-Throwing Outburst: Rapper Reacts to Drink Attack During Concert

Cardi B, the popular rapper known for songs like “WAP,” is making headlines once again, but not just for her music. A viral video has surfaced showing her throwing a microphone at an audience member during a recent concert. The incident occurred after someone in the crowd threw a drink at her while she was performing “Bodak Yellow.” Without hesitation, Cardi B reacted swiftly, responding to the disrespectful act.

The video, shared on Pop Base’s Twitter account, captured the moment during a daytime concert. Despite being unexpectedly splashed in the face with the drink, Cardi B didn’t miss a beat and took action by tossing her microphone at the person responsible.

In response to the video, one netizen praised her reaction, stating that people should stop throwing things at performers. Others pointed out that this behavior is not limited to Cardi B and expressed their disgust with the trend of attacking female artists during their sets.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the only incident during her recent performances. The night before the microphone-throwing incident, Cardi B showed frustration at Drai’s Beach Club when the DJ allegedly cut off her songs prematurely. Another video captured the moment she voiced her discontent by shouting out her name, throwing the microphone at the DJ, and leaving the stage.