Duran Duran Reunites with Former Guitarist Andy Taylor for Upcoming Album ‘The Mirror’

Duran Duran, the renowned rock music band, is set to reunite with their former guitarist Andy Taylor for their highly anticipated album, ‘The Mirror.’ Fans are buzzing with excitement upon hearing this news.

Duran Duran, the iconic rock music band, has recently announced their plans to release a new album later this year. What makes this announcement even more exciting is the collaboration with their former guitarist, Andy Taylor. The news has instantly generated a wave of enthusiasm among their dedicated fan base.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, March 20th, the band shared their excitement, stating, “Duran Duran are thrilled to confirm a special new music project in the works, set for release later this year on BMG… The new recordings will feature extended Duran Duran family and friends, old and new, including our former bandmate Andy Taylor, who will join us on guitar for a few tracks.”

Duran Duran Reunites with Former Guitarist Andy Taylor

After parting ways in 1985, Andy Taylor and John Taylor embarked on their own musical endeavors. Andy co-founded The Power Station alongside the late Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson, while the remaining members formed Arcadia. However, Taylor continued to collaborate with Duran Duran during the creation of their album ‘Notorious’ in 1986. He later reunited with the band for their 2004 release, ‘Astronaut,’ and accompanied them on tour.

Throughout his life, Taylor has faced numerous challenges, including a battle with prostate cancer. Although his physical health prevented him from officially rejoining the band, his impact on their career remains undeniable. Now, he is reuniting with Duran Duran to create something truly remarkable. Taylor’s unique approach to music sets him apart from other artists and contributes to the distinctiveness of his creations.

In recent statements, John Taylor shared insights into Duran Duran’s upcoming album, ‘The Mirror.’ He revealed, “We’re currently working on an album that will be released towards the end of the year, and [Andy Taylor] is playing guitar.” He further added, “The album will include a selection of cover songs that hold special meaning to us from our childhood. Having him be a part of this project is fantastic.” The anticipation surrounding this news has captivated fans, who eagerly await the album’s release.

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