Freezing Blizzard Conditions In The US Caused Massive Disruptions-Left More Than 50 People Dead!

Freezing conditions due to a deadly winter storm hit many places in the United States. It will continue into the week in western New York with huge snow storms. These have roared emergency vehicles, and travellers across the country saw 15000+ canceled flights and dangerous roads.

The blizzard conditions in the US Northeast and the stubborn and massive spread of extreme weather gripped the country when bodies were discovered in vehicles and under snow banks. It caused widespread power outages, travel delays, and at least 49 deaths across nine states, according to the officials.

The storm has killed many and is expected to claim more lives after trapping some residents inside houses and with outage to tens of thousands of homes and businesses.

US President Joe Biden declared an emergency allowing federal support for New York State. “My heart is with those who lost loved ones this holiday weekend,” Biden tweeted.

A state official stated that many people stay trapped in cars for more than two days. This was probably the worst storm of their lifetime. Across the US, the winter storm did the massive disruptions with sinking temperatures, blizzard conditions, and ferocious winds.

The authorities have described these ferocious conditions, especially in Buffalo as the hours-long whiteouts. “Certainly, it is the blizzard of the century,” New York Governor Kathy Hochul told reporters, adding it was “way too early to say this is at its completion.”

He said some western New York towns got walloped with “30 to 40 inches (0.75 to 1 meter) of snow overnight.”