Get Ready For BTS’ J-hope’s Appearance on Jay Park’s Variety Show, The Seasons!

As we all know, BTS’ J-hope is set to enlist in the army soon. But the most exciting news for his eternal fans is that the BTS rapper is giving his fans a delightful treat. After his latest single, along with many pics, the rapper is reportedly scheduled to give his appearance on South Korean hip-hop artist Jay Park’s variety show, The Seasons.

J-Hope; Picture Courtesy: Instagram @uarmyhope

When Will BTS’ J-hope Appear on Jay Park’s Variety Show?

Just after presenting his latest released single on the street, J-hope is set to appear on Jay Park’s variety show The Seasons. 

For the amateur, The Seasons of Jay Park is a music talk show that aims to help its listeners slow down the weekend with relaxing conversations and music. This show airs every Sunday in South Korea. For the fans, the good news is the show can be watched on KBS world’s YouTube channel and KBS’ official website. 

All about Jay Park’s Variety Show, “The Season”

Jay Park was the primary host of “The Seasons,” a variety show aired on Dingo Studios’ YouTube channel in 2019. The show followed Jay Park as he travelled to different cities worldwide and experienced the local culture, food, and entertainment. Each episode featured Jay Park and a guest, such as his fellow artist Simon Dominic or model Irene Kim, as they explored the city and engaged in various activities.

“The Seasons” was well-received by fans, who enjoyed seeing Jay Park’s humorous and adventurous side as he tried new things and interacted with locals. The show was also praised for its high-quality production and cinematography, showcasing each city’s beauty and vibrancy. Overall, “The Seasons” provided a unique and entertaining glimpse into the life of Jay Park and the cultures of various cities worldwide.

Before J-hope, many more popular artists had visited the show like

  • Show Me the Money Season Eleven winner Lee Young Ji, 
  • MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and
  • R&B singer Crush

As per the local news and South Korean media outlet, the BTS rapper J-hope will attend the recording for KBS’ entertainment program on March 7!

Many fans have expressed delight at the news, while some of them particularly are not excited about it, considering Jay Park’s past.