Good Bye Twitter- Says Elon Musk, Time to Welcome X!

Elon Musk has introduced a fresh new logo for Twitter, opting for a sleek and stylish “minimalist art deco” X as part of the platform’s rebranding. In a tweet, Musk hinted that the design might undergo further changes and refinements. Twitter’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, confirmed the choice by enthusiastically tweeting the design and urging everyone to embrace the change.

Musk had reached out to his impressive 149 million followers for design ideas, and it appears he settled on a logo that he had previously teased in a flickering video at the top of his Twitter feed on Sunday.

The letter “X” has been a long-standing fascination for Musk, representing his vision for an ambitious “everything app” that he plans to launch eventually, with Twitter being the likely avenue for its implementation. Before acquiring Twitter in October, Musk referred to the platform as a crucial element in creating his envisioned “everything app.” Soon after his tweet, people rushed with their reactions saying, Good Bye Twitter.

Since taking over Twitter last year, Musk integrated the company into X Corp, with X Holdings Corp being its parent entity. He also recently unveiled his new artificial intelligence venture, xAI.

The X concept takes inspiration from WeChat, a popular Chinese app that enables users to perform numerous functions, from messaging to ordering taxis and making payments. Elon Musk has expressed his desire to recreate the success of WeChat within Twitter.

Yaccarino shared some insights on the anticipated features of X, emphasizing that it would be powered by AI and centered around audio, video, messaging, and payments/banking. As of Monday morning, Twitter’s desktop version displayed the new X logo in place of its iconic bird symbol, and the official Twitter account was rebranded under the X name.

New Twitter logo finalized, CEO Linda Yaccarino says 'let's do this' | Mint


Notably, on March 15, shortly after Musk assumed the role of Twitter CEO, the company’s legal name was changed to X Corp. Musk has displayed a fondness for the letter X in various aspects of his ventures, such as naming his spacecraft engineering company SpaceX and Tesla’s first SUV model “Model X.”

While Elon Musk was once primarily known for his groundbreaking efforts through companies like SpaceX and Tesla to develop rockets and electric cars, he has recently been making headlines for his eccentric and sometimes controversial remarks on his personal Twitter account, often engaging in public disputes and sharing conspiracy theories.