Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Hospitalized for Medical Assessments

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was rushed to Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer, near Tel Aviv, for medical assessments on Saturday, according to a statement from his office. However, reports indicate that Mr. Netanyahu, 73, is in good condition, and there are no indications for a transfer of power at this time.

Sources from Israel’s Channel 12 TV stated that Mr. Netanyahu was fully conscious while being transported to the hospital and walked into the emergency room. The premier’s doctor confirmed that he was not undergoing sedation, and no procedures were being carried out to declare him incapacitated.

Tel Hashomer, located near his private residence in coastal Caesarea, is where the hospital is situated. It is reported that Mr. Netanyahu began feeling unwell while he was at his residence during the ongoing Jewish fast of Yom Kippur. The region has also been experiencing a heatwave over the weekend, adding to the challenging conditions.

In addition to his health concerns, Netanyahu finds himself at the center of a political storm surrounding his proposed overhaul of the judiciary, which has sparked protests from Israelis concerned about the future independence of the courts. These tensions, coupled with the hardline approach of his religious-nationalist coalition government toward the Palestinians, have strained relations with the US administration. Meanwhile, Netanyahu is simultaneously facing trial in three corruption cases, maintaining his innocence throughout.

A brief statement from his office confirmed Mr. Netanyahu’s presence at Sheba Hospital and assured the public that he is in good condition, undergoing medical assessments.