Legendary Singer-Songwriter, Still & Nash Co-Founder, David Crosby Dies at 81!

David Crosby was a legendary singer-songwriter. He was also the co-founder of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. An era of great music ended with his demise; a source close to the musician confirmed Thursday. He died after a long illness, his wife said in a statement to Variety. David Crosby died at 81.

Crosby was a two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, inductee. His advertiser confirmed the artist’s death. However, no cause of death was given in his report.

David Crosby was fighting lots of serious health problems, including diabetes, multiple heart attacks, and hepatitis C. He also underwent a liver transplant in 1994. Despite those challenges, the veteran musician enjoyed a creative hot streak in recent years. He had a great successful life and lived years longer than even he expected. In his 70s he enjoyed a creative renaissance, issuing several solo albums while collaborating with many others.

He enjoyed a long and successful solo career which anyhow, flourished on collaboration also. This was a trait he discovered as a young child, after being enthralled by a symphony orchestra performance. Crosby’s formative impacts became more famous in his partnership with Stephen Stills and Graham Nash. With his supportive team and friends, he explored novel ways of expressing harmony.

Last month, Crosby’s final release, “Live at the Capitol Theater,” came out.