Prominent Journalist Elena Milashina Brutally Assaulted By Armed And Masked Men

Elena Milashina, a highly acclaimed Russian investigative journalist, endured a horrifying ordeal in Chechnya, where she was brutally assaulted by armed and masked men. Her attackers subjected her to beatings, breaking her fingers and inflicting bruises all over her body.

As a result of the severe injuries she sustained, Milashina is currently receiving treatment in a hospital, with reports indicating that she occasionally loses consciousness, according to statements from the Memorial human rights group on Tuesday.

The distressing incident occurred while Milashina was on her way from the airport to Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, accompanied by her lawyer, Alexander Nemov. Their vehicle was forcibly halted by the armed assailants, who proceeded to unleash a violent and terrifying attack.

Elena Milashina assaulted
Zelyonka dye was thrown over Elena Milashina and shaved her head by the attackers. Photograph: AP

During the assault, Milashina and her lawyer were subjected to savage kicks, including blows to the face, and they received death threats with a gun pointed at their heads. Additionally, the attackers snatched and destroyed the equipment they were carrying.

Disturbing photos shared by Crew Against Torture reveal the extent of the abuse inflicted upon Milashina. Her head was shaved, her face covered in green dye thrown by her assailants, and she wore bandages on her left arm and right hand.

The seriousness of the attack has garnered the attention of President Vladimir Putin, who has been informed about the incident. The Kremlin stated that the assault must be thoroughly investigated, and decisive actions taken to address the situation.