How is Rishi Sunak the preferred candidate for UK PM Post?

There is a huge buzz around for “Who is going to be the UK PM next after Liz Truss resigns“? Among all candidates who will secure the position in this race for UK PM Post. Former chancellor Rishi Sunak and the former defense secretary Penny Mordaunt are the two most deserving candidates to replace the post of the next UK PM. One of them will represent the leader of the Conservative Party and the UK’s next prime minister.

After succeeding at every ballot, Sunak maintained his popularity among Tory MPs previously. He also topped the fifth and final round of the leadership contest with 137 votes. Many of the members are appreciating him for warning of previous economic crises that affected the UK.

Mordaunt also won appreciation for her performance in Parliament on Monday when she defended the government even as it upturned most of its policies.

The decision of Rishi Sunak Vs. any other prominent name now raises complications for the Conservative party members. As of 2017, with an average age of 57, it has more than half been over 60, and more than 70% are male who stay predominantly in the south of England. The nation’s leadership should hang on to this tiny unrepresentative group as a perversion of parliamentary democracy. It has long stipulated that the country’s government should be led by the person who commands the majority support of the House of Commons.

However, Rishi Sunak has some special features that prove him to be the most deserving candidate for the UK PM post.

A Man of Meek Background- Rishi Sunak’s

The 42-year-old Tory MP Sunak was born in the UK’s Southampton to Indian-origin parents. His father worked as a general practitioner for the National Health Service (NHS), and his mother ran a local pharmacy. His grandparents, born in Punjab, migrated to East Africa before moving to Britain in the 1960s, where they reportedly worked administrative jobs.

Sunak married Akshata Murty in 2009, the heir of Narayan Murthy, who is the owner of Infosys.

An influential Political Career Of Rishi Sunak

Sunak’s political career began in 2015 he was elected the Conservative MP for Richmond, Yorkshire. His career was catapulted as an early supporter of Brexit. Then he was made a junior minister in former UK PM Theresa May’s government. He backed Boris Johnson’s Tory leadership election in 2019, in which he was rewarded with the post of Chief Secretary to the Treasury that year. In February 2020, due to a cabinet reshuffle, Sunak was promoted to Chancellor of the Exchequer, a post that lies third in the ministerial ranking, placed only behind deputy prime minister and prime minister.

Sunak did exit from the cabinet on July 5, which marked the beginning of the end of Boris Johnson’s government. Per his confidence, he is the only candidate to beat the Labour party in the next general elections. This is what the Sunak supporters also fee. The best thing about him that makes him the most deserving candidate is the economic policies he introduced as finance minister, which helped the UK get through an incredibly difficult period over the last couple of years.

Sunak’s Own Poise about UK PM Post

When asked if he would win, given the polls suggest that Ms. Truss is leading the race, Mr. Sunak exclaimed:

“We have to remember I did lead the parliamentary stage of this process at every round, topped the ballot at every round, have the broader support of my parliamentary colleagues and the polls show that I am the best placed to win in the general election.”

“As people saw me act during the pandemic, I will bring that same sense of urgency and grip to the government, restore trust, and I am confident that I can make good progress in this race,” further he added.

“So I am going to keep going out and about on fighting hard for every vote,” he declared.

Why will Rishi Sunak be able to beat Truss in Tory MP’s election?

Why will Rishi Sunak be able to beat Truss in Tory MP's election?
(Photo by Jacob King – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

While Sunak has continued to maintain his popularity amongst the Tory MPs, Truss is supported by the party’s rank and file. This electorate will finally decide who would be the future prime minister.

He quickly rose through the party’s ranks, gaining favor for his financial expertise and charm.

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic influenced the world, in early 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed him Treasury chief.

In that role, Sunak became a national name, mainly overseeing a popular program that kept paycheques flowing during pandemic-related lockdowns.

As per the experts speculating outside, he may also lack experience, but his performance at the Treasury during Johnson’s nightmare premiership suggests that he is a man of sound judgment, caution, and competence.

He is the choice of most of his cabinet and MP colleagues as well as of opinion polls of the general public which claim that he would be the next prime minister.

His Indian fandom is expected to do little to support Sunak in the race against Truss.


Sunak and Truss will start the final leg of their race by getting ready for weeks of countrywide hustings, where they will try to persuade the prime Conservative Party members to vote for them.

The final result of the UK PM is set to be announced on September 5. Till then, speculations are going around about both deserving candidates.