Fast X Movie Review: Really Fast and Furious With All-Time Emotional Stakes!

Fast X is an 2023 American action film. It is directed by Louis Leterrier where screenplay given by Dan Mazeau and Justin Lin. Fast X movie cranked up its motors to the road of ridiculousness and marks yet another stupid chapter in this seemingly never-ending story, keeping up with prior outings.

Jason Momoa plays the new villain Dante in this movie. He wants to exact revenge on Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) for stealing his family’s riches in Fast Five (2011) and killing Dante’s father, the drug tycoon, in the ensuing car pursuit.

Dante has been planning to destroy Dom’s family “piece by piece” for years, and he will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal.

Fair enough, this one is rather fast-paced and aggressive, with huge emotional stakes for Dominic and the others on board.

According to movie review experts, the film just leaps from one setup to another, unbothered about any coherency. It can be concluded, as usual, it is more about stunts than the story.

This movie has the impression of being an odd mash-up of unrelated scenes. Vehicle stunts, explosions, hand-to-hand fighting, and CGI are all turned up to eleven. We are subjected to a lot of CGI-enhanced action in this picture, which hardly makes the proceedings any more interesting than in the James Bond and Mission Impossible flicks, where we know someone is behind the arduous stunts. When you consider the budget they had, even the special effects could have been far better.

The main issue with Fast X is that it pretends to be smarter than it is, which results in a jumbled mess with no original ideas on display.

Dominic, played by Diesel, is portrayed as being superhuman; hence, there is never any sense of fear for him because we are aware that he can escape from any hard circumstance thanks to his perplexing antics.

In several scenarios, he drives a car down a cliff, into a highway, into a dam spillway, and out of an airplane without suffering any injuries to himself or the automobile.

Momoa, a recent addition to the series, gets the finest lines and is obviously enjoying himself as a deranged, vindictive baddie. For everybody else, they make a barely-there appearance, which includes the likes of Brie Larson, Charlize Theron, and Helen Mirren.

Of course, for the fanbase that made this one of the biggest movie franchises in the world, it delivers on the expectations of campy fun. But at its core, Fast X is not that was expected.