Great Expectations: Review, Cast, Plot and Watching Details!

Great Expectations, a period drama television series, has been eagerly awaited by fans of historical dramas, and now that it has arrived, the fans simply cannot remain calm. Here is all the information you require for the recently launched series.

Great Expectations Review:

There have been at least 18 notable adaptations of Great Expectations produced since the advent of the moving image, which occurred just a few decades after Charles Dickens’ passing. But this time, for no apparent reason, BBC One viewers are getting a fresh take on the book, scripted by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight.

Miss Havisham has evolved into a necessary character for actresses out of the initial flush of youth, much like King Lear for males of a certain age, which tells something about the shortage of roles for women above the age of 40. It is a requirement for talented actors to portray the destined spinster, as evidenced by Gillian Anderson, Helena Bonham Carter, and Charlotte Rampling.

The majority of the cast gives interesting performances, yet each of their interpretations of their characters fits into a distinct genre. Colman’s portrayal of Havisham is captivating because she infuses every line with poisonous wrath and a hellbent determination to exact retribution on any man she can find, rather than with moping and despair. Berry’s Pumblechuck does not have much to do, but the contrast between his bright and dark tones may have given the scenes in Pip’s hamlet more depth (which is exactly what he serves in the book); this is exactly same for McDonald, while Thomas’ Jaggers belongs in a steampunk movie.

Yet Steven Knight, the series’ author, and creator, doesn’t care much with coherence or continuity. Instead, the narrative is more reminiscent of “Game of Thrones”-style operatic world-building mixed with Robert Downey Jr.’s “Sherlock Holmes” and “Peaky Blinders,” which Knight wrote.

Knight’s writing in “Great Expectations” repeatedly hammers home the point that adding sex and violence makes everything more edgy and hipper and, hence, superior to what came before. Great Expectations is hardly one of Charles Dickens’ better works, and he wasn’t exactly known for penning amusing stories, yet there is plenty on the page enough to draw the reader in.

Hope, this review will help you decide whether to or not to watch ‘Great Expectations’.

Great Expectations- Where to Watch It?

Great Expectations, a movie based on Charles Dickens’ book of the same name, debuted on March 26, 2023. The six-episode adaptation can be viewed online at Hulu and is shown on BBC One. In the future, it will also be viewable on Disney+ in other countries and Star+ in Latin America. It was created by Steven Knight, who also worked on the 2019 dark fantasy drama A Christmas Carol for the BBC. Peaky Blinders, a British historical crime drama, and the television series Taboo are two of Knight’s best-known works.

Great Expectations Cast and Filming

Olivia Colman plays Miss Havisham, Fionn Whitehead plays Pip, Ashley Thomas plays Jaggers, Johnny Harris plays Magwitch, and Shalom Brune-Franklin plays Estella in the movie Great Expectations. Hayley Squires as Sara, Owen McDonnell as Joe, Trystan Gravelle as Compeyson, Matt Berry as Mr. Pumblechook, and Tom Sweet as young Pip round out the cast of the show.

In February 2022, the miniseries’ cast was revealed, and in March 2022, filming got under way. The adaption was produced and filmed in Buckler’s Hard, Hampshire, during the 19th century.

Great Expectations Plot

Great Expectations is a “coming-of-age story” about Pip, an orphan who wishes a better life until fate decides to alter its course and his mystery benefactor, Miss Havisham, offers up a whole new universe of possibilities, according to the official synopsis of the limited series. Considering the high expectations that have been put on him, Pip “must consider the true cost of this new world and if it will make him the man he seeks to be,” according to the statement.