Walmart Planning to Acquire Memomi, AR Start-up powering Virtual Try-On For Eyewear

Walmart has announced an expansion. The latest news today is extending its range of virtual try-on services for shoppers. Walmart planning to acquire Memomi, an AR optical tech company and current Walmart partner. This company is known to offer a virtual try-on experience for eyewear. However, the deal terms are not disclosed yet. Still, Memomi has enabled digital measurements for all Walmart and Sam’s Club customers since 2019, the retailer said.

This technology also influences the optical e-commerce experience on SamsClub.com.

This partnership had bridged more than 2,800 Walmart Vision Centers and 550 Sam’s Clubs.

Memomi’s website explains how its technology can be used across product categories beyond optical —  such as fashion, beauty, accessories, footwear, and more — Walmart refused to speak to its future plans for the service in these areas. Rather, the retailer exclaimed it was only focused on leveraging Memomi’s capabilities in virtual optical try-on.

However, Walmart has been sponsoring several new technologies in the virtual try-on space, just like its recent launch of an AI-powered virtual clothing try-on feature, supported by its acquisition of Zeekit.

Last week, it also pitched an AR feature that allows users to see furniture and other home decor articles appear in their own space.

“Customers are looking for access to care digitally, in their homes, and purchasing eyeglasses is no different,” said David Reitnauer, Vice President, Specialty Services, Walmart Health & Wellness, in a statement. “This acquisition supports our Health & Wellness mission to provide accessible care to the communities we serve.”