Top 5 Dry Skin Home Remedies & Beauty Tips

Are your looking for the most effective dry skin home remedies and beauty tips? You are the right place.

Glowing and bouncy skin is always a dream of all ladies. And not just women, but men also aspire a healthy and nourished skin, especially in winters. The chilled season imbibes all nourishment and makes your skin dry and flaky. To get rid of this problem several moisturizing lotions and creams are available on the market. Some even find beauty tips and home remedies for dry skin online.  

But, can these creams be relied upon? Are those creams and lotions healthy for the natural glow of your skin?

Well, these questions usually come into the mind of every person. However, a lack of knowledge and only a few natural home remedies for dry skin leave you with no other option. 

But don’t worry! The Bee Talks here brings some of the best beauty tips and natural remedies for dry skin. 

Beauty tips for flaky skin in winters:

1. No more baths with too hot water 

It has been proved that extremely hot water showers lead to a reduction in the natural body moisture. This occurs due to the breakage of lipid barriers on the skin. It is advised to use lukewarm water to take a bath in winter to maintain skin moisture naturally. 

2. Switch to mild or glycerin soaps

Winters are the season of dryness. During winters, use only mild or gentle glycerine soaps. This step will not strip the natural oils from your skin.

3. Apply oils instead of moisturizer

People believe that using moisturizers is all for nourishment of the skin and that too in the day only. Your skin in the night requires nourishment as it breathes actually in that time. 

To make it feel well, nourish it with avocado or olive oil. Shea butter is also a healthy option to apply during the night onto the skin. This will turn your skin nourished, and it will regenerate the body moisture. 

4. Use a hydrating mask once in 10 days 

A hydrating mask is the most effective in retaining moisture of your skin. Have a look at two effective homemade facial masks.

  • Milk, Lemon Tomato mask –

Mix well in equal quantity of lemon juice, milk cream and tomato juice. Try this paste once a week or ten days. Apply on your face and other body parts for ten minutes before taking lukewarm baths in winter. It is not just a beauty benefit tip, but also a good skin Rejuvenator, effective in removing wrinkles as well.

  • Egg, honey, milk mask–

Mix well of two spoons of milk with a half-half spoon of honey and egg white portion. Spread this paste on your face, neck or other open parts of your body once every week. This can be said as the ancient time natural beauty tip for dry skin care.

5. Drink a lot of liquids

When it comes to drink water, we fall try to escape from it as nobody likes to drink simple water. However, to fulfill the required quantity of water in a body you can switch to coconut water, watermelon juice, lots of salads, and lemonade as well. But don’t forget to manage the plain water quantity as well. This is the most effective dry skin home remedies.

Some Home Remedies for Dry Skin 

Source: www.lifehack.org

Natural makeup removal lotion 

You can make a natural makeup removal lotion with the help of lemon or orange juice by mixing it with sweet almond oil and any type of petroleum jelly. Blend these ingredients properly to a creamy consistency that helps rejuvenate skin. 

  • Honey milk beauty lotion

A natural honey-based beauty milk lotion can also work on the dry skin of winter. Make it at home by mixing two tablespoons of milk and a single tablespoon of honey. Mix the ingredients properly to consistency and apply it twice a day on your face. This lotion can be stored in your refrigerator for almost one week.

  • Refreshing cucumber lotion

You can use daily homemade cucumber lotion which soothes and revitalizes your skin in winter. This lotion is made by boiling cucumber pieces in half ½ ltr. Of water. After cooling and filtering the liquid, the lotion is ready. This lotion can be stored in a refrigerator for almost 10 days. It is to be applied with cotton wool.

So, these are some natural tips and remedies that are going to help you and your skin in many ways this winter.  

Are you going to apply or use them to make your skin nourished? I’m sure you will! Nature has so many things to give us then why take the help of other substitutes. 

Take better care of your skin this winter season. Check for some healthy diet and food items good to have this winter. Keep visiting us for other informative blogs!