How to Create Evergreen Content

Content marketing is now a key component of brand growth strategies. Evergreen content is crucial.

It’s about quality content, which never expires. This allows companies to continue to attract traffic. Companies can get quality traffic and leads that can be later converted into customers.

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What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content can be defined as content that is timeless and never expires. This content is the best type to use for traffic because it doesn’t lose its validity.

Evergreen content is more valuable than topical content and can continue to drive quality traffic for months or even years after its publication. It’s a long-term investment that allows us to draw users to our website via search engines, most notably Google.


How to create content that is always relevant

You must consider these important factors if you wish to create timeless content. First, you must place yourself in the shoes of your target audience and evaluate their needs and doubts. You can then look for timeless topics that may be of interest to them.


  1. You should look for “evergreen” themes

We need to find the right topics for each case to create content that lasts. It’s about not focusing on novelty topics and answering questions that don’t change over time.

It is a good way to search for timeless topics. Use pronouns such as “what”, “why”, who”,, etc.


  1. Make sure the search trend is positive

To determine if the content is still relevant, use Google trends. This Google tool allows us to enter any term and see its position over time. It also shows the current trend. This allows us to validate whether the topic chosen will attract long-term traffic or if it is a temporary trend.


  1. Search intent should be clear and consistent

After we have identified an evergreen topic, it is necessary to analyze the search intention to answer users’ real questions. It is important to answer the user’s query in the best way possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to rank in the top spot on Google.


  1. A more general approach to content

Evergreen articles, on the other hand, should have a greater focus. Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to rank. While it is important to make sure the content covers specific topics, it is also important to give the content a general approach for it to rank better in search engines.


  1. Make sure you invest time creating high-quality content

High-quality content will position you in evergreen subjects, as the competition is often very fierce. This requires us to invest a portion of our time or money if it is outsourced, both in research and development. If we do a great job, the cost/benefit ratio may be very good.


  1. When creating content, avoid using time expressions

We must not use temporary expressions at the time we write this. These could include non-relevant dates, the report refers to, or expressions like “during this “…”. It is important that the content remains fresh and not lose its value over time. This is the goal of both Google and users.


  1. Use your content on other channels

The best thing about evergreen material is its reusability. It will provide us with steady organic traffic and we can share it on social media to generate more traffic. To continue to take advantage of the information, we can convert it into a video or infographic.


  1. Keep content updated

This type of content is durable, but it doesn’t hurt to keep it fresh. We can update statistics and studies, change graphic resources or add new links. This will ensure that the content is still valid and that Google recognizes it as updated.