5 compelling Music Blog ideas to gain more audience

Music Blog is a crucial element of music promotion that helps to gain new listeners. But how to bring more diversity to it? Get to know some compelling ideas.

The paramount importance of music blogs is making every music artist make it a part of their promotional plan. As music blogs are quite high in demand and offer a handful of benefits on market; music artists are looking forward to blog submissions. As a result, every day there are numerous new music blogs getting written, published, and distributed on various platforms which makes the situation even more competitive. 

While you cannot make any changes to your music, you can certainly utilize more compelling ideas when you are writing a Music Blog. Here are five new music blog ideas to begin your journey with.

1. Music News

Music News is considered the logical type of blog content that helps to create much anticipation in the market. News blog posts are great for various occasions and announcements that require a quick buzz. Whether it is an upcoming event, music concert, or a full-fledged album; these blog ideas are quite newsworthy and efficiently garner attention from the target audiences. 

2. Giveaways

Who does not like free stuff? That’s right! Everybody likes free gifts and whenever are looking forward to a giveaway, every listener must know about it. Therefore make sure to announce the Giveaway long before you actually gift it. Also, you can post a blog about the lucky winner which will validate your fans and make them feel special. It might not sound like a lot, but these little gestures can bring online engagement, web traffic as well as loyal fans. Here are some gift ideas for giveaways,

  • Free Music

  • Concert tickets

  • Merch

  • Backstage or VIP concert passes

  • Gear or instruments

3. Behind The Scene (BTS)

With the demand for vinyl increasing in the market, listeners always look for more insights and musical products that come along with the project. Behind-the-scenes and production activities are a great field of attraction. These elements not only add more information to the album but also add new forms of entertainment for the listeners which eventually increases the value of the musical project. So yeah, you can definitely make blogs regarding BTS and other resources used in your musical project.

4. Interviews and Reviews

Interviews and reviews create a direct bond with the readers as they are offered in a more personalized way which makes them very closely to the audiences. Such content can offer the nitty-gritty details of the music artists as well as the musical projects with more clarity and honesty. It can even include easter eggs regarding your upcoming musical project or offer any personal details that fans might not have been aware of. In short, these blogs are more engaging and gain a lot of attention from all.

5. Tutorials

Grow more by helping others and tutorials are great for this purpose. Your music can make many listeners curious about the making process. It can be an instrument or digital software or some special trick you learned in childhood; you need to share these vital ingredients through blogs that not only attract readers but educate other music artists. 

Bottom Line

Music Blogs have proven their worth market and if you are willing to utilize their full potential, implement the aforementioned ideas and bring a dynamic to your blogs and their usage.