Top 11 BTS unknown facts – Know the Hidden Secrets of BTS

There is hardly anyone in the world that is not aware of ‘BTS’. BangtanSonyeondan or Bangtan Boys is a group of seven boys belonging to South Korea. Music lovers even if doesn’t prefer Korean entertainment, definitely love to watch the boys performing on the stage. Billboard records have been broken from their performance. In the last nine years, this band has accomplished a lot of fame and recognition in the music industry.

The band members are seven named Jin, J-Hope, V, Suga, Jungkook, RM, and Jimin, who have a specific music style. The band wraps a broad range of genres, hence owing a great chord with fans of all tastes!

We are here with top unknown facts about the band that you must know if you’re part of the ARMY! And even if you are a hardcore fan, this is the time to examine yourself!

  • BTS Implies ‘BangtanSonyeondan’, Which Means ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’

Yes, you are heard right. While mainly everybody implies the band as BTS, just a few know that it implies BangtanSonyeondan. It implies ‘bulletproof boy scouts’ in Korean. According to a member – J-Hope, the title stands for the chief wish of the group which is to struggle with stereotypes and criticisms. In July 2017, the group announced that with their new brand individuality, BTS now implies ‘Beyond the Scene’ as well, a verse to the youth going ahead and facing the truth of life.

  • Band’s Music Is Sometimes Set In A Different Universe

The BTS management company – Big Hit Entertainment has formed the Bangtan Universe or BTS Universe. It is a fictional storyline that includes books, short films, webtoons, and music videos. It is following the character based on the member of the band. Initially introduced with the song I Need U, the universe comes into existence with every music video created now.

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  • BTS Is Acknowledged To Boost The Economy Of South Korean

The talent of the BTS is considered to boost the standard of the entertainment industry. Not just in the entertainment industry but in tourism in South Korea as well. Research that was performed by the Hyundai Research Institute stated that 1 in 10 tourists are visiting the country to enjoy BTS. This fame and popularity have resulted in the popularity of Korean skincare products as well as K dramas.

  • The Income Of The BTS Groups Lies In The Millions

Lots of people wish to know about the net worth of the group as they are getting fame all over the world. Fruitful music sales, touring and brand endorsements, among others, come mutually to give BTS a net worth of about $120-150 million as of 2022.

  • First K-Pop Group To Find A Twitter Emoji

Simply after three years of their introduction, in 2016 BTS get their Twitter emojis. And they were the initial Korean account to have attained 10 million followers on Twitter. Let’s imply, BTS knows the scam of garnering a fanbase with social media! With 34 million+ followers on Twitter, an enormous 51 million+ on Instagram, and 62 million+ subscribers on YouTube, they are the influencers we require now.

  • Received The Most Commented-On Music Videos on YouTube

In 2020, BTS’s music video for the strike DNA gets released in the year 2017. It turned the most commented-on music video in the account of YouTube! With over 6.4 million remarks, it ruined all records. It is followed by one more of the band’s songs Boy with Luv which received more than 6.1 million comments. It exceeded Gangnam Style, 2012 immediately mega-hit by Psy. Well, we are not amazed, nor you should be. It’s BTS: it deserves all adore.

  • Dedication And Hard Work Formed The BTS Of Today

The making of the BTS was initiated way back in 2010, before their debut in the year 2013. Big Hit Entertainment is a production company owned by CEO Bang Si-hyuk. He was very much impressed with RM’s rapping and initially decided to go ahead by making a hip-hop group. After lots of delay and postponements, BTS finally, having been reorganized into a more conventional idol group, debuted and never looked back or in any other direction!

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  • J-Hope Was A Street Dancer Years Ago

We all are aware of the dancing talents of J-Hope. Earlier, he used to be a street dancer associated with a dance group known as Neutron. What’s more, he used to fight in dance battles held locally in his area of Gwangju and, not, amazingly enough, would win the majority of them. J-Hope is also a winner of several national dance competitions.

  • Jungkook Wished To Become A Tattoo Artist

Consider it or not, Jungkook had his priorities set directly before BTS take place. In his 10-year plan, he wishes to become a tattoo artist. He even showed that by becoming a tattoo artist, he planned on owning an organization a duck meat shop as a division of his 10-year plan! Well, who would have thought? Not Jungkook.

  • Yoongi Adores TheCartoon Character Kumamon

Okay, now we have the most delightful fact saved for the last. Yoongi is a vital Kumamon fan, which is a brown bear character. For those of you who don’t be acquainted, Kumamon is the mascot bear showing the prefecture of Kumamoto. It represents the country, and more especially the prefecture’s humorous rootedness and welcoming spirit. And Yoongi adores the bear. It is one of the cute facts.

  • Suga Was Once An Underground Rapper

Before being an indispensable part of BTS, Suga preferred to be an underground rapper. He even had a stage name, ‘GLOSS’. This word is significant life as it has a resemblance to his birth name, Min- Yoongi which translates to Gloss or shine itself.

So, these are some fun facts. Hope you like them all. We will update you soon related to other interest areas of the outstanding BTS army.