Top 8 Best And Affordable Music Promotion Companies

Making great music is not enough, artists need to simultaneously promote and market their music to get attention. So here are the best music promotion services.

So you have just finished the perfect track and you are really proud of it. Now you probably think uploading it on streaming services is going to do you any good. We are sorry to burst the bubble, but that is not going to happen. You don’t just need to craft a quality music track, you need to make people know about it too! This is why music promotions come to the scene, holding such importance as it does in today’s market.

Now of course every artist is different, so everyone makes different music. This means what works for one artist, may not work for another. However, several music marketing companies craft promotional campaigns according to the target audience of the artist. These agencies craft personalized campaigns depending on the music style and genre and target the audience depending on that too. So let’s see which services you can rely on if you are trying to promote your music.

Why should you use a music promotional service?

Since streaming came into the scene, the days of artists making a local hit are long gone. Now any artist from any part of the world can be heard globally, in seconds. Music marketing does that for you, it helps you get connected to more people as marketing increases your reach as a musician. At the same time, marketing your music with a reputed company helps you increase your visibility, and build a strong fan base.

Here are the top 8 most affordable music promotional companies.

  1. SoundCampaign

The first place is occupied by SoundCampaign, one of the most popular music marketing services in the market. This platform not only helps establish you as a musician on streaming services but guides you in navigating through the world of viral sounds. SoundCampaign promotes your track across both Spotify and TikTok, opening the doors to a vast audience pool. The price point is also tailored to your affordability where you can choose your investment level which directly influences your target audience and reach.

  1. Music Promotion Club

This is one of the most reliable names in the market of music promotion, helping artists build a strong name for themselves in the music industry. It works with SoundCloud, one of the biggest streaming services, promoting your music on the platform and helping you go viral. There are four promotional packages on the website where you can pick and choose according to how much exposure you and your artist profile need. The rates are also extremely affordable and would not need you to make a sizable adjustment in your budget. In the end, all the streams you receive are completely organic! However, what makes the company unparalleled is that it gives an insane boost to your social media persona as well.

  1. Playlist Push

This service is focused on multiple platform promotion, it not only markets your music to Spotify but also extends its reach to Instagram and TikTok influencers, and YouTube. It uses an AI-powered algorithm that matches your track with the most appropriate playlists and creators. The extensive network and organic growth are what attract most of the artists toward Playlist Push.

  1. Indie Music Academy

If you are an Indie musician this might be the perfect promotional service for you. However, if you make music in other genres, Indie Music Academy has something for you too. This is not just a music marketing service but provides artists with educational modules that are designed to teach the artists secrets of the music industry. The website’s primary focus is to get your music into authentic Spotify playlists at an affordable price point. It also provides free access to a personalized training portal purely for marketing knowledge.

  1. Unique Playlist

Just like its name, you can probably guess that the website is all about marketing your music through organic playlisting. What sets it apart from other music marketing companies in the industry is that its playlists are curated by professionals with a comprehensive experience and understanding of the music industry. It also offers a diverse range of playlists covering wide genres of music. At the same time, it not only focuses on Spotify, but its reach extends to Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal. This gives music artists a wider option to promote themselves and their craft.

  1. SubmitHub

This is one of the pivotal music promotion platforms for artists aiming to reach a wider audience. The website offers a unique curator submission system where artists can use standard or premium credits to submit their craft. If a song resonates with a curator, the artists get the chance to directly converse and discuss the necessary details for the needed coverage. Artists can also choose curators based on the compatibility of genres where they receive detailed curator metrics. This helps in taking and making more informed decisions. The pay structure is also flexible and transparent with no hidden price.

  1. ReverbNation

This is not only a multifaceted music distribution platform, but ReverbNation is also a music promotion platform. It has an “Artist First” slogan and it stands on it with the diverse services the website offers. In addition to music distribution and marketing, the website also helps artists increase their visibility and reach. ReverbNation’s services include promotion opportunities in Spotify ads, Pitchfork, and more. At the same time, this website helps with artist profile creation, social media marketing, player embedding, and unlimited song uploading. The reason why this website is completely different from its peers in the industry is because of its artist-centric approach.

  1. Starlight PR

This premium music promotion company stands out for its diverse marketing packages and services. It also has a reputation for advancing the careers of both mainstream and independent artists. Starlight PR has built its intangible reputation throughout the years with the help of its most effective PR and social media campaigns. There are three main promotional packages on the website, come in affordable budgets and are extremely effective. It also has insanely high-profile clients that include Post Malone, Alessia Cara, and Cardi B which clearly reflects their ability to handle premium campaigns effortlessly.

The above-mentioned music promotion websites are a great choice whether you are a newbie to the industry or someone who is trying to gain more attention for their musical releases.