Lula Da Silva Defeated Bolsonaro In Brazilian Presidency Election- Will Become Next President!

Former Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva yesterday defeated Jair Bolsonaro in an election. This presidential election marked a stunning comeback for the leftist leader and the country’s most right-wing government in decades.

Lula had 50.9% of the votes while 49.1% was counted for Bolsonaro with 99.1% as counted by the voting machines.

The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) announced Lula as the next president owing to the results. It said the voting was sufficient to “mathematically define” the outcome of the race. The 77-year-old Lula’s inauguration is set to be executed on Jan. 1.  

The vote was a reproach of the enthusiastic far-right populism of Bolsonaro. They appeared from the back benches of Congress to furnace a novel conservative alliance.

However, it was a stunning comeback for the leftist former president Lula Da Silva and a punishing blow to Bolsonaro, the first Brazilian candidate to lose a presidential election.

Bolsonaro last year openly conferred while denying to accept the results of the vote. He made baseless claims that Brazil’s electronic voting system was susceptible to fraud.