What Should You Know About Kevin Conroy-The Voice of BATMAN?

Kevin Conroy, the outstanding and world-renowned voice actor whose crucial delivery on Batman: The Animated Series was a treat to hear died at 66. For many Batman fans, he was the definitive sound of the Caped Crusader. Conroy died Thursday after a long battle with cancer, the producer of the series Warner Bros. announced this on Friday.

Conroy was the voice of Batman in the most loved and renowned animated series that aired from 1992-1996, often opposite Mark Hamill’s Joker. He continued to be the almost exclusive animated voice of Batman. He also presented the same perfection in some 15 films, 400 episodes of television, and two dozen video games, including the Batman: Arkham and Injustice franchises.

Kevin Conroy Personal Life

He was born in Westbury, New York, and raised in Westport, Connecticut.

Kevin started out as a well-trained theatre actor and then attended Juilliard and roomed with Robin Williams.

After graduating, he visited with John Houseman’s acting group, the Acting Company.

He performed in “Eastern Standard” on Broadway and in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the Public Theatre.

He performed in “Hamlet” at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, California.

Conroy’s popularity with fans made him a desirable personality on the convention route. In the often-unbridled world of DC Comics, he was a mainstay and widely adored.

Conroy started this role without any background in comics and as a novice in voice acting. His Batman’s voice was husky, ominous, and dark. However, Bruce Wayne was light and dashing.

He was motivated by his contrasting voices, as he said, from the 1930s film, “The Scarlet Pimpernel,” an English aristocrat who leads a double life.

In a statement, Warner Bros. Animation said about his performance “will forever stand among the greatest portrayals of the Dark Knight in any medium.”

The Bee Talks offers our heartfelt condolences to Conroy’s family and friends.