Voters Are Happy To Gain Access And Reject The Amendment- Kansas Abortion Vote!

The conservative US state of Kansas has decided in a poll to protect abortion rights after a major victory for pro-choice groups. Kansas is the first state to put a referendum on abortion rights since the U.S. Supreme Court passed on its governing to Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization.

President Joe Biden addressed Tuesday’s vote and called on Congress to pass a law to restore nationwide abortion rights that were provided by Roe.

Voters overpoweringly said they did not accept the amendment in the state constitution that assert there is no right to abortion.

Projections propose Kansans voted by more than 60% to support the state’s constitutional right for women to access abortion.

It’s just a prognosis for now as the official result about the amendment to uphold or discard will be confirmed in a week.

“Anti-abortion politicians put this amendment on the primary ballot with the goal of low voter turnout,” said Emily Wales of Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes. However, they cut-rate Kansans, who are loud and clear in their perception and decision. They believe and trust patients to make their own medical decisions.

Mr Biden after the referendum said the result is explicit and showed “the majority of Americans agree that women should have access to abortion”.

Kansans For Life is a chief political group that opposes abortion rights. This group acclaimed in a news release that the vote is just a temporary setback. This organization remains dedicated to enduring its work opposing abortion in the state.