Cocaine Bear Movie Review: Overwhelming, High-On-Emotions withFun And Thrill

Talking about Cocaine Bear Movie Review, one word is just Overwhelming. You will not get what you might be expecting from the title itself. You are mistaken if you expect it to be a high-octane adventure that leans heavily into silliness. However, you may get two to three scenes that will fulfil your expectations. There are many missed opportunities sprinkled throughout the story.

Directed by Elizabeth Banks, the movie Cocaine Bear is set in the early 80s when a black bear goes on a murderous rampage after eating a massive quantity of cocaine, approx. 200kg. However, throughout the story, you will find some fun and entertainment in the side plots when the drug dealers are searching for that massive quantity of lost cocaine. In the middle of this mess, an earnest mother tries to find her daughter.

The movie both lost its subject and took it seriously that a coked beast was out on a rampage. Instead of focusing on the subject’s storyline, the film focuses more on the side characters’ lives and not on the beast.

The most engrossing part of the movie is the sequence of the drug dealers, the two fixers trying to find the lost cocaine. The characters share great chemistry. Also, the situations they fall prey to are hilarious and entertaining. That is like the cherry on the cake is the detective searching for the cocaine, which could have had more scenes to give more worth to the storyline.

The bear in Cocaine Bear movie review is the show snatcher when on the screen. What this coked-out menace delivers is what you will be actually waiting for throughout the movie. It’s actually an extremely high bear that rips and tears humans violently. But disappointingly, attacks by a bear are very rare throughout.

The movie, in the end, keeps building the crescendo that feels like missing a note or forgetting to pay off.

In all, Cocaine Bear occasionally utilises its upsetting concept to the fullest. Cheers to the 80s aesthetic, but the plots and characters could have been more impactful.