Is Spotify DJ Not Showing Up? Here is Why!

If you have found that the Spotify app is rolling out a new AI-powered Spotify DJ feature all around but it is not yet popped up on your app. then you don’t have to be worried about that. No need to be wondering why it’s not showing up here is the reason why.

Recently, some Spotify users were offered an innovative treat of a new feature. Several new additions to music streaming platform are gaining fame. Following in the footsteps of these famous platforms like Time Capsule and the Taste Profile, Spotify is turning even more in tune. It is also taking care its listener’s listening habits with every new update.

So, for those worried to join the new DJ feature as it is not showing up in their app, let us look at why it might not be accessible yet.


There are many reasons why Spotify DJ is not accessible and showing up.

  • The prime reasons is that it is only accessible only to the users in the US and Canada.
  • Spotify launched the new features of AI DJ only for the app users in two North American countries.
  • It is projected to roll out for worldwide listeners later in the year.
  • Spotify has only launched the exclusive feature in app for premium customers.

So, if you are still using the free version, you will not be seeing the DJ feature in the app anyhow.

However, some of the premium users in North America and Canada are still not getting the access. So, if you are one of them who still do not have access, then you have not been included in the beta rollout.

Spotify has already explained that the new feature is “first rolling out in beta.” Once the beta test period concludes, Spotify DJ is projected to rollout across Spotify apps everywhere.

Where Can I Get The Spotify DJ Feature?

For those who do have premium versions but still cannot locate the new Spotify DJ feature, it is simple to follow.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have Xavier “X” Jernigan whirling you a personalized DJ set:

  • Visit Music Feed on the Spotify Home page
  • Tap Play on the DJ card
  • DJ will create a selection of music along with some short commentaries on the songs and artists, picked specifically for your listening tastes.
  • If you cannot enjoy what X has to offer, hit the DJ button at the bottom right of the screen. It  will take you to a different genre, artist, or mood.

It will categorise through the latest music and search back at some of your old favorites—maybe even re-emerging that song you have not listened to for years. Then it will review what you might enjoy the most. This will be delivering you with a stream of songs picked just for you. And what is more, it constantly refreshes the collection based on your feedback.