Drake’s “Honestly Nevermind”- What All you Need to Explore about this Sensational Hit!


“Honestly Nevermind” returns just after a hit in 2021, “Certified Loverboy”, which broke all records on Spotify. Drake won 10 awards for his album, becoming the 8th artist to win 10 prizes in Billboard history. There are only a few superhit songs made by Drake, “Girls want Girls”, Way 2 Sexy”, and “Knife Talk”, to name a few. This Canadian singer and master of ceremonies have come up with his 7th album this week, “Honestly Nevermind“. This is the rapper’s seventh solo studio LP dedicated to the late Virgil Abloh.

What does it feature in it?

Honestly, Nevermind features wide production from

  • Alex Lustig (playing keys on “Calling My Name”),
  • Black Coffee, Gordo, and
  • Beau Nox ( sings on “Down Hill” and plays the guitar on “Overdrive” ).

There is Congolese singer Mukengerwa “Tresor” Riziki that appears as an extra vocalist on “Down Hill,” “Currents,” and “Tie That Binds.” The album was formed by Noah “40” Shebib, Noel Cadastre, and Luca Pretolesi. After releasing ‘Certified Lover Boy’, Drake returned with a sensational hit.

Although his sizeable fan base took the album to the top of the charts, its fame didn’t translate to moving famous culture that the previous Drake albums have done effortlessly.

Honestly, Nevermind shakes him and his devotees from their collective blankness.

The best thing about the album:

Drake finally took some significant risks and focused on one cohesive sound. On the last few projects, he was stuck in a routine of trying to please every type of fan he had, and he ended up with bloated, formulaic albums that tried to do too much at once.

This time, he picked one lane (singing over dance music) and fully committed to it, pushing himself out of his usual formula. We never thought we’d get a unified 14-song album from Drake again, especially with this much research—and we are pleased with this fantastic surprise. He finally halted trying to mollify every type of fan he has in a single album.

Honestly, Nevermind is full of melodic tropes that have increasingly lost their strength over time.

When Drake first comes to the scene, his lyrical susceptibility and emotional intelligence were like a breath of fresh air in a hip-hop realm overpowered by gangster rap.

Despite the well-trodden topic, Honestly, Nevermind is Drake’s finest effort since 2016’s Views.

It’s a welcome reminder that Drake still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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