Miley Cyrus’ Endless Summer Vacation Album Review – Not So Immaculate, But Cyrus Shines On The Chorus!

Popstar Miley Cyrus influenced many of her fans with her #1 hit single ‘Flowers’. This time album – ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ – on which the song features, though, is not so immaculate but her voice and strong pitch shines throughout the chain of songs presented. Miley did not seem to make up her mind about where she wanted to head with her eighth studio album. Read the whole Endless Summer Vacation Album Review below.

In fact, the title of the album “Endless summer vacation” is misleading. It does not have various summer singsongs that most of her fans can dance to and grove on. Some of the tracks are as good and memorable as the opening track ‘Flowers’ of course which track is by far the gold. ‘Flowers’ is a self-love anthem that includes an excavation of the lyrics of ‘When I Was Your Man’ by Bruno Mars.

Instead of longing for love or returning to her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, Miley wants to do it all on her own.

‘I can take myself dancing, yeah/I can hold my own hand/ Yeah, I can love me better than you can,’ she sings.

The singer you will see in the music video swaggering down the streets of Los Angeles. The suit she is wearing is the one her husband dressed in at the ‘Avengers’ premiere. At that time he told her to watch her behaviour. The manor is supposed to be the place where Liam used to take women for cheating on her. This shocking part of this was a genius move for topping pop charts and echoing deeply with her female fans.

‘Endless Summer Vacation’ has about a dozen tracks (including a demo version of ‘Flowers’). ‘Jaded’ is a mid-tempo auditory jam. Although every song takes time to pick up, rising at the chorus, you cannot deny Miley’s controlling pipes.

She warbles: ‘And it’s a fkin’ shame that it ended like that/ You broke your own arm, but you would never say that/ We went to Hell, but we never came back.’

The third track ‘Rose Colored Lenses’ is a sulky piano-driven song that comes in to blues territory. Country rockstar Brandi Carlile gets connected to her in the ballad ‘Thousand Miles,’ which is appreciatively a tighter country-pop number.

‘I’m out of my mind, but still, I’m holding on like a rolling stone/ A thousand miles from anywhere,’ she sings.  

Although Carlile is merely giving backup vocals to which she adds richness to the number. However, it is uncertain how much her teen fans will like her trip to the countryside.

The focus of the entire album is almost on Miley’s vocals. Apart from a little thumping here, and a little piano there, a listener will basically listen to the singer shines at what she does better than outrage and gossip. She is the one who always sings her heart out.

‘Handstand’ then moves the direction of the album making it more welcoming. Its space-age loops and hefty synths prompt you of thinking about the early career of Lady Gaga. The vocal style is inspired or taken by Lana Del Rey and Fergie. ‘Violet Chemistry’ digs deep into funk, electronica, and R&B. It will drive you to the era of the 80s when having fun was not flinch, and there were no such things as a show-off.

‘Muddy Feet’ can be considered the second-best song on the album. Songwriting powerhouse Sia sustains this gutsy number that powers up Miley’s vocals enough to take you back to her former album, ‘Plastic Hearts.’ The song ends too soon, but the ride is good enough. Next track ‘Wildcard’ continues in the power pop mood but more subtly. ‘Island’ has a steamy stimulus which is like the perfect song you will play on your Bluetooth earphones on the beaches of Goa. ‘Am I stranded on an island/ Or have I landed in paradise?’ she asks, and you are instantaneously in a tropical paradise.

‘Wonder Woman’ is a feminist song about being well-travelled and robust. It’s the good one and a great message to close the album. There could have had a lot more substance in-between two great songs.

In conclusion, ‘Endless Summer Vacation Album Review is about her only. This album showcases Miley’s vocal strengths however, the album is not that immaculate and somehow fails to follow a clear sonic path to deliver upbeat summer songs.

 If only the singer and her producers had made something then it could actually be the one to be played endlessly.

About Miley Cyrus Musical Styles:

Miley Cyrus has had a diverse range of musical styles throughout her career, from the pop-influenced tracks on her early albums to her more recent forays into rock and country music. She has also collaborated with a variety of different artists, including Mark Ronson, Dua Lipa, and Stevie Nicks.

Miley has gained critical acclaim for her rock-influenced tracks on her album “Plastic Hearts,” including “Midnight Sky” and “Prisoner” (featuring Dua Lipa). These songs showcase Miley’s versatility as an artist and her willingness to take risks and try new things.

Overall, Miley Cyrus has had a successful and influential career in music, with a wide range of styles and influences. Whether you prefer her early pop hits or her more recent rock-infused tracks, there is no denying that Miley has left her mark on the music industry and will continue to do so in the years to come.

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