APPLE Announced The Official Launch Of Apple Music Classical!

This is latest app which is going to present your smartphone with some tradition and culture on March 28. As the title must have given you an idea about what is going to be discussed here. Apple is launching a version of Music explicitly for classical music at the end of this month, the company announced on 10th March.

In August 2021, Apple came up with a classical music service called Primephonic. With the help of this service, a person can search for music not just with the title or composer of the song, but by the name of the orchestra that recorded it, the person who directed it, or information about artists or other executors. But this time the app has come up with the latest features.

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Apple Music Classical is now set to go live on Tuesday, March 28th. Apple decided this after giving several signs in 2022 that classical music services are forthcoming. “With the notable exceptions of Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan, where Classical is expected to debut sometime down the line, the 28th will bring a worldwide launch”, Apple said.

How can I get a Apple Music Classical app?

The app is currently available with pre-order in the App Store. However, it will be separate from the main Apple Music app. A person can get access to the music service only with

  • Most Apple Music subscriptions (without Basic $5-per-month Apple Music Voice tier).
  • a $17-per-month Apple One subscription

However, the common Apple Music subscribers can access Classical (on iOS devices; an Android counterpart is “coming soon”) “at no extra cost,” execs signalled. But on the other hand, it is uncertain whether there is a non-Apple Music subscription option for the forthcoming app or not

Furthermore, each subscription tier save the Voice Plan will unlock Classical, which is set to run only on iPhones equipped with iOS 15.4.

“Apple is working closely with some of the most prolific classical music artists and renowned classical music institutions in the world to offer Apple Music Classical listeners new, unique, and exclusive content,” the company spelled out, having commissioned multiple exclusive performances (released also as live tracks) last year.