Google Added Generative AI to its Search in Response to ChatGPT!

The king of search introduces a tool that can respond to questions with text summarising data gathered online in response to ChatGPT’s challenge. The search engine giant revealed today at its annual I/O conference that it will leverage generative AI technology, like ChatGPT, to enhance results. The business is releasing a test version of its renowned search engine that includes text generation like that used by ChatGPT and other cutting-edge chatbots.

Google’s redesigned search still requires users to enter a query, and it still returns connections to other websites, content snippets, and advertisements as results. However, in other cases, the top of the page will have text created by AI that compiles data from many online sources and links to those sources and web pages. A user can ask trailing questions to get more explicit information.

A few paragraphs summarising the coronation of Britain’s new king is the answer received when asked about the same. When asked a question regarding motorcycles, Google’s algorithms can provide a list of bullet-point summaries of product reviews from various websites and links to online shops where a customer can buy. A new tool called Search Labs will make the updated version of search available to users in the US, but it will not be turned on by default or for everyone who uses Google.

Compared to ChatGPT, Google’s AI generative search is far more subdued, forgoing an anthropomorphized avatar and steering clear of potentially divisive subjects like politics and expert medical or financial advice. Some questions were denied by the tool answer, like, whether Joe Biden is a good president or not and the information about different US states’ abortion laws. Google’s generative AI product denied resolving any such queries.

It’s time to watch and compare, which one comes on your priority list, a leading search engine that works on genuine and trusted paraments, or a smoother, faster yet not-so-reliable mode of searching content.

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